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bath bombs

The basic recipe for bath bombs is pretty simple & it is a fun activity to do with kids, free from artificial chemicals.

The 3 key ingredients you need are bicarbonate of soda, citric acid & water (filtered if available). Essential oils make a delicious addition to give bath bombs a yummy scent plus their many associated health benefits!

There really is no need to bathe in all the toxic chemicals put into bath bombs by companies such as Lush.


1. 500g bicarb soda

2. 250g citric acid

3. Water (filtered)

4. Extras such as a few drops of your favourite essential oil (orange, rose geranium & lavender are all lovely) or a handful or rose petals.

5. Spray bottle

First, combine the bicarb soda and citric acid in a large bowl and mix well.

Add a few drops of essential oil and stir well to combine.

Gently mix through rose petals (if using).

Fill the spray bottle with water and spray the mixture, while stirring it at the same time. The mixture will fizz a bit, but keep on stirring it. Repeat the spraying & stirring until you have a crumbly consistency and the mixture stays together when you squeeze it with your hand. If you find it is taking too long to get it wet enough, you can add a little water from a cup to speed things up, as needed.

Squeeze mixture into ball-shapes, and roll in the palms, to make BOMBS! You can also try squeezing it into silicone moulds however our family has more fun than success with this. Place onto a tray until dry. (You can use baking paper if you wish to prevent it sticking but in the name of chemical-free, I don't recommend this stuff and rather prefer to use the assistance of a spatula to shift any stubborn balls).

Troubleshooting Tips:

Should you find yourself or your helpers a little heavy handed with the water, never fear, bath bombs can usually be remedied! If there is too much water, you can either just keep mixing (which dries it out) or you can add more of the powders in the 2:1 ratio. Alternatively, you can wait 15 minutes or so and come back to discover the mixture has dried out somewhat. If the mixture gets too hard, similarly, just add more water and break the mixture up.

To adjust quantities depending on whether you want to make more, or less, bath bombs, just remember that you need twice the amount in weight of bicarb soda as you do citric acid.

And a word of warning... mixing & making bath bombs can make your hands VERY cold! But just try to focus on the warm bath at the end of it! Enjoy.