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7 Soaps + 10% Off ($50.40 with or $47.25 without bags)

7 Soaps + 10% Off ($50.40 with or $47.25 without bags)

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Buying a gift box of 7 Soaps means you automatically qualify for 10% off your order.

It also provides a nice variety of soaps - some for a gift and some for you (or swap the choice of soap for a wooden rack if you wish).

Please include your selections with your order or we will happily make a selection for you.

You can be happy you are giving an environmentally sustainable gift because each soap, shaving and shampoo bar comes packaged, gift-ready in a reusable, unbleached 100% cotton muslin bag - this means that the soap and all its packaging (even the sticky tape!) is biodegradable and plastic-free. (Please note that the 'packing peanuts' used are made from rice and are biodegradable - they not polystyrene).

Please also email a message if you would like a gift tag to go with your order.